Dog Sculpture Stolen From Mashpee Animal Hospital – Thieves Thought It Was Gold

dog sculpture – A much-loved art installation has been replicated and returned to its proper place outside an animal hospital on Route 130 in Mashpee.

Until last summer, a large sculpture of a dog and cat, carved from wood and covered in gold leaf, greeted passersby from atop the sign of the Leach Animal Hospital. On the rainy evening of June 27, the sculpture was stolen from its perch above the sign, and has not been seen since.

“I think the thieves thought it was solid gold. The artist estimated that it would have taken them two hours to remove the heavy, bolted-down sculpture. It was an art heist,” Dr. Jonathan Leach, owner of the hospital, said, adding that he was amazed at how many people inquired about the missing sculpture.

Two weeks ago, a replacement sculpture, commissioned at the cost of $12,000, made its debut outside of the animal hospital. The sculpture was created by internationally known woodcarver Paul J. White of Sandwich.

Dr. Leach said there was never any doubt that the sculpture was going to be replaced, and responded coyly when asked if any special precautions have been taken to discourage another theft.

“All I’ll say is that there will be a big surprise for anyone who tries to steal it again,” he said.

There’s a few interesting facets to this story. First off, is there no end to what people on this peninsula will steal? I mean come on, stealing a sculpture from an animal hospital? There has to be a special place in hell for people that steal from a place that is saving peoples beloved pets. I mean what kind of lunatic targets a hospital for Fido for fucks sake?

The second part kind of explains the first angle. “I think the thieves thought it was solid gold” kinda answers the first question I guess. It certainly takes a special kind of moron to think that a sculpture above a sign at an animal hospital is made of solid gold. I’m surprised they didn’t take the windows from the building as well because they assumed they were made of diamond.

Lastly, kudos to Dr. Leach for replacing this and continuing to support the arts by replacing the sculpture at his own expense to keep an iconic piece of art that everyone enjoys in place. He very easily could have become disgruntled and just left the sign without the sculpture.

P.S. I am DYING to know what he means by “there will be a big surprise for anyone who tries to steal it again”. What kind of Mission Impossible booby trap do you think that sign is rigged with?

P.P.S. $12,000 for a dog and cat carving? I am in the wrong business.

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