Has Cape Cod’s Heroin Problem Spread To Our Cats?

cat heroin

Capenews.net – Over the past year, someone has been throwing zip-top plastic freezer bags, stuffed with cat litter and hypodermic syringes, onto roads in South Sandwich.

The neighborhoods where these bags are being found include Bob White Circle, Clipper Circle, and Cotuit Road, near Boardley Road. Sandwich police have been finding the bags on weekday mornings, between 4 and 7 AM, during their regular patrols of the areas, but have not been able to find who is responsible.

More than a dozen bags have been picked up by the police. Five, since September alone. Police fear that there have been more, but they just weren’t found or reported.

Unbelievable. I knew Cape Cod’s heroin problem was bad but this is just ridiculous. When drug addiction is so rampant it spreads to your cats you know it has gotten out of hand. Obviously this is some kind of feline needle exchange program where the cats leave bags of old litter and needles and get a bag of fresh gear. Well at least they are being responsible about their drug use right?

I hope the problem doesn’t spread to our dogs because there’s no way a dog would be that responsible, they’d just shoot up with dirty needles and shit wherever they felt like it, drooling and nodding off in public. Dogs have no shame either, they’d probably be loitering outside of convenience stores whacked out on smack licking peoples faces and shit. At least the cats have some humility and are doing their heroin out in the woods hidden away between 4 and 7 AM.

It’s a good thing we got this early warning sign about our pets doing drugs, at least it gives us a chance to stamp it out before we get to the point where packs of dogs are sleeping on library lawns begging for spare change instead of treats.

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