Cape Cod Craigslist Ad Of The Day – Need 420

craigsCraigslist.orgNeed 420


Looking for a reliable hook up. I’m in falmouth and would meet you anywhere within reason. (Wareham to Hyannis)

Let me know

Wait a minute, does this work? Do people actually find weed on Craigslist? If so then this is the absolute proof that legalization works. Think about it, Craigslist is the sketchiest way on earth to buy something and drugs are the sketchiest thing on earth to buy. If people feel safe enough to combine the weed and the Craigslist then the world we live in is a safer place.

P.S. Who can’t find weed on Cape Cod in 2014? I tripped over an eighth walking through a parking lot the other day. Look around you man, everyone has weed.

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