Femi Nazi Hates Bras And Firemen


Recently the Barnstable and West Barnstable Fire Departments had a fundraiser for Breast Cancer that included placing bras on a ladder in front of the departments. Well one lady did not like that at all.

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“The sexism is screaming loud to me. I mean, what do we do for prostate cancer? Ask guys to bring athletic supporters to the fire station and hang those up?” she said.

Besides, she said, focusing on bras — and by extension breasts — is more likely to lead to boyish snickers than awareness, to say nothing of the fact that breast cancer is about so much more than women losing an anatomical feature men love.

Donohoe said she understands that with so many donation-soliciting people and organizations representing worthy causes it may be necessary to come up with sensational ways to get attention. But, she said, that can be done without resorting to “tasteless” gimmicks.

Easy lady, let’s take a step back here. These Firemen needed a symbol to put on the ladder that represents boobies. What else immediately conjures the thought of breasts instantly like a bra? This is about cancer, it has nothing to do with breasts being an “anatomical feature men love”. If that were the case they wouldn’t use bras, they would use something that looks like boobs. Maybe melons. Big, round, juicy, delicious, sweet melons. Succulent, ripe, smooth… OK you get the point.

Oh and by the way, no matter how hard you try to stop it, men like boobs and women like that men like boobs. Maybe you don’t have any boobs or maybe you don’t have a man, but the least you could do is stay out of regular, happy people’s way while they are raising money for cancer.


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