Wellfleet Adopts Socialist Trash System – Introducing.. Obamabags!


WELLFLEET – Residents in financial straits will receive free trash bags for the town’s new pay-as-you-throw trash system under a new Board of Health policy.

The free bags would be a first for Cape Cod.

Pay-as-you-throw begins Dec. 1 in Wellfleet for home and business owners who take their own trash to the transfer station on Coles Neck Road. By putting a price on the amount, the town hopes to encourage people to recycle, reuse and compost to reduce solid-waste costs.

The bags for trash are 50 cents for an 8-gallon bag; $1 for a 15-gallon bag; and $1.50 for a 33-gallon bag. Local grocery, convenience and hardware stores will sell the bags. Currently, residents also pay a vehicle sticker fee of $40 to use the transfer station.

People think Obamacare is socialist? Well get a load of Wellfleet making residents use town bags that they set the prices for and force local stores to sell. What is this Russia in 1982? Are we going to be waiting in line for 3 days for trash bags? This is America god dammit and we should be able to put our trash in burlap sacks if we want to!

Oh and you are going to give the poors free Obamabags? Who is going to pay for that? Who the hell do poor people think they are throwing stuff away anyway? Rich people throw stuff away. Hey poor people, WE DRINK YOUR MILKSHAKE!

Wait what’s that? Most actual year round residents on Cape Cod aren’t rich? Oops, here’s your milkshake back. Sorry about that. Carry on Wellfleet.

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