You Could Walk Across Buzzards Bay From Cape Cod To New Bedford Right Now

buzzards bay ice


Photo credit: Joe Cavanaugh 

Portuguese rejoice! If per chance they should close the bridges you can still make get your linguica by embarking on a pilgrimage to Gaspar’s on foot!

P.S. “still make get” was 100% a typo, I caught it before publishing this but left it in because it’s actually perfect Portuguese-American grammar.

P.P.S. Cue the Amaral’s is better comments. Or god forbid we may even get some Old Neighborhood comments from people who wouldn’t know good linguica if their Mary on the half shell lawn ornament came to life and hit them over the head with it.

mary half shell

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  1. Wrong coast for good linguica. If you know the difference it's worth having your linguica shipped from California.

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