This New Beer Pong Invention Is Pure Genius – And I Hate It

beer pong

Brookfeild Patch – Wendy Ann Mitchell – Slip Cup – You’re playing beer pong in your friend’s garage when you miss the shot and the ping pong ball rolls into a dirty, dusty corner. When you retrieve the ball it’s covered in who knows what. Do you want ”who knows what” going into your drink?

Enter in a revolutionary new product five Brookfield brothers have invented to make your beer pong game safer and cleaner. It’s called the ”Slip Cup” and provides a way to play cleaner by shielding the player’s drink with an insert so the ball never comes into contact with your drink.

I’m not sure if I hate this invention because I didn’t come up with it, or because I’m a beer pong purist. I guess it’s better than playing with water cups? If you’re playing Beer Pong with water cups you might as well turn in your Cape Cod card. I suppose you people like to play Asshole with O’Doul’s as well?

I just don’t understand why we need to mess with everything. If you aren’t man enough to drink some beer just because it’s had a filthy Ping Pong ball in it then maybe you aren’t a man at all. Maybe it’s time you go outside and get a little dirty, build up that immune system and stop acting like Michael Jackson on a Chinese subway.

The bottom line is this; Beer Pong is fine the way it is, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Everybody needs to just stop being such wusses… Oh yeah, and this invention is genius, I wish I thought of it, these guys are gonna be millionaires and I hate them. That is all.

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