This New Beer Pong Invention Is Pure Genius – And I Hate It

beer pong

Brookfeild Patch – Wendy Ann Mitchell – Slip Cup – You’re playing beer pong in your friend’s garage when you miss the shot and the ping pong ball rolls into a dirty, dusty corner. When you retrieve the ball it’s covered in who knows what. Do you want ”who knows what” going into your drink?

Enter in a revolutionary new product five Brookfield brothers have invented to make your beer pong game safer and cleaner. It’s called the ”Slip Cup” and provides a way to play cleaner by shielding the player’s drink with an insert so the ball never comes into contact with your drink.

I’m not sure if I hate this invention because I didn’t come up with it, or because I’m a beer pong purist. I guess it’s better than playing with water cups? If you’re playing Beer Pong with water cups you might as well turn in your Cape Cod card. I suppose you people like to play Asshole with O’Doul’s as well?

I just don’t understand why we need to mess with everything. If you aren’t man enough to drink some beer just because it’s had a filthy Ping Pong ball in it then maybe you aren’t a man at all. Maybe it’s time you go outside and get a little dirty, build up that immune system and stop acting like Michael Jackson on a Chinese subway.

The bottom line is this; Beer Pong is fine the way it is, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Everybody needs to just stop being such wusses… Oh yeah, and this invention is genius, I wish I thought of it, these guys are gonna be millionaires and I hate them. That is all.

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  1. Lame! Get better and clean that ball off in your opponent's beer. Cups can't be filled with enough beer with these slip ins and where is the satisfying splash of the ball going in?

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