The Real Cape TV Show Filming Party With Crooked Coast And The Brazen Belles

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As most of you know The Real Cape is in production this week with a reality TV show. We will be shooting footage for the TV show at this party Thursday night and it is going to be a good one. One of the missions of the TV show, just like the website, is to show the world that there is killer music and arts scene on Cape Cod. We know this is short notice but we are hoping you will all come out to help us shine a national spotlight on what is really happening here on the Cape.

So strap on your party shoes and come let loose at a good ol’ variety show with some of the most creative people the Cape has to offer.

The show is this Thursday 3/19 night at The Beach House. The fun starts at 7:30 with the best burlesque show these eyes have ever seen, compliments of the lovely ladies of The Brazen Belles. Following the Belles there will be a heavy dose of infectious hooks, sweaty dance floor rhythms, big guitars and word play by Cape Cod’s premier original rock band Crooked Coast.

This is a FREE event and we will be providing food at no charge as well. Please help us to make this night as special as we all know this peninsula is. Let’s show the world that Cape Cod is more than beaches, lighthouses and tourist traps. Let’s show them that there is just as much amazing shit happening here in March as there is in August. Let’s have a blast and make a bad ass TV show while we are at it.

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