State Issues Emergency White Shark Regulations – Where’s The Human Regulations?


WL – When great white sharks return to the Cape in the coming weeks they will be swimming into waters that afford them greater protections.

On Thursday, the Division of Marine Fisheries adopted emergency regulations – effective immediately – that restrict activity around white sharks.

“The summertime presence of these sharks has resulted in substantial public interest and this interest is prompting an increase in deliberate interactions between white sharks and humans, including the development of cage diving and other white shark tourism businesses, as well as incidents of recreational boaters attempting to attract white sharks to their vessels,” said the advisory issued by the state.

The advisory stated that people are prohibited from attracting or capturing white sharks in Massachusetts waters unless they have been issued a permit from the division of marine fisheries. The permit is designed to protect both sharks and people, the advisory said.

What about protecting the humans? Where’s our emergency regulations? Maybe the state should advise white sharks that they are “prohibited from attracting or eating humans in Massachusetts waters”. When’s the last time you saw a human take a bite out of a sharks kayak, huh? Regulate the sharks, they are the ones eating everything in sight.

In all seriousness though, the fact that we need these regulations is insane. Anyone that isn’t a shark specialist or marine biologist that deliberately interacts with white sharks deserves to be eaten as far as I’m concerned. It just goes to show how arrogant humans have become over the years. Imagine if they released these regulations 50 years ago? People would be like… “so don’t go near the giant, perfectly designed, apex predators in their own environment? Ummm… OK, thanks Captain Obvious.”

Not us though, not today. Everyone wants to take a selfie with the man eating, hunting machine. I say let Darwinism do its thing. You want to deliberately interact with a natural born killer be my guest, but don’t come crying to the rest of us when you get bitten in half. What’s that old saying? You mess with the shark, you get the five rows of razor sharp teeth?

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