Sign Of The Apocalypse? Some Cape Cod Politicians Are Thinking Rationally

plover – When two birds close seven miles of beaches one can say the pendulum has swung too far in one direction, said Chatham Selectman Sean Summers.

“What we are trying to advocate for is access as well as protection,” he said.

And according to Summers and Orleans Selectman John Hodgson, who are both working with state and federal officials charged with endangered species protection, they are making progress.

Hodgson told his fellow board members Tuesday that by Feb. 17 they would have a plan to look at that will hopefully serve as a blueprint for allowing off-road vehicles on Nauset Beach while protecting the threatened piping plover.

Holy crap, what’s going on here? These politicians are thinking rationally and using common sense in their decision making process. Is this Cape Cod or the Bizarro World? Well you can pencil me in on the roster of team Sean Summers and John Hodgson. It’s about time someone stood up for humans around here.

It really is past the point of ridiculous when two birds close seven miles of beach. Think about this for a second. If there were two HUMANS living on that section of beach in a tent, not only would we not close the beach so they wouldn’t be disturbed, we would arrest them and throw them in jail.

You know that scene from the movie “The Good Son” when the mother is holding a kid in each hand over a cliff and they are slipping. She has to decide which kid to let die and which to save. Well imagine you are in that situation and in one hand is a human child and in the other is a Piping Plover. Which do you save?

There are people in this world that choose the bird. That is fucking BANANAS!

P.S. Do you see those bands around that Plovers legs? We put bracelets on them. Again, we put BRACELETS ON TINY BIRDS. We don’t have the resources to get food to starving people in this country but we have an Alex and Ani factory outlet for Piping Plovers.

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