Shocking Video Captures The Cape Cod Fun Police Hunting In Their Natural Habitat

Silver shores shanty

The fun starts at about 46 minutes in. Be warned, people who do not hate fun and can think rationally may find the content of this video extremely disturbing.

Let me start by saying that this is not a case of me commenting on something as an outsider. I don’t want to hear anything about putting myself in these people’s shoes because I live closer to The Silver Shores Shanty than any of them. If I had known how ridiculous this was going to get (and I wasn’t busy living my life instead of telling other people how to live theirs) I would have been at this meeting.

Let me start by explaining a little about the neighborhood for those of you that don’t know Falmouth Heights. It is a bustling area, it is home to one of the most popular beaches in Falmouth, the entire neighborhood is a hive of activity. Within a mile in either direction from The Shanty there is a Martha’s Vineyard ferry, a marina, a church, a giant hotel, a yacht club, other restaurants, etc. etc. These neighbors describing some sleepy little neighborhood are living in la la land. The Shanty is right next to Falmouth Harbor for crying out loud, some of the places across the water can be heard from my house.

Now let me paint a little picture of the clientele of The Shanty for a minute. There’s little kids, lots and lots of them, my nieces and nephews among them. I have seen the guitar player/singer have 5-10 year old kids sit in and sing songs with them. When they say it’s a family place, they mean it. Oh and that entertainment? It’s never more than one person with an acoustic guitar and a mic and it ends at 7 p.m. on weekends only. I repeat, we are talking about little kids and parents listening to one dude in the afternoon. Don’t believe me? Take a look above at that pic up there, it’s quite an example of a table full of music fueled hooligans! What I’m saying is that if you hate The Silver Shores Shanty then you hate life.

I don’t think I need to explain The Fun Police and how misguided they are on this one. I’m pretty sure Mr. Dufresne made it quite clear how irrational he is all on his own by admonishing a selectmen and telling her what to do at her own meeting. That power trip was Fun Police 101, the dude couldn’t even listen to an elected official speak without telling her to shut up, never mention it again and threatening to go after her. God forbid a selectmen actually support local business and think about the repercussions of a vote on a larger scale than the tiny bubble of irrationality that Mr. Dufresne lives in. The guy did everything but try to physically shove Susan Moran back into the kitchen after she spoke more eloquently about the ills of local government strangling thriving businesses than I have heard in a long time. Kudos to Susan for not kicking him in the nuts on the way out because he deserved it after pulling that stunt.

Some people say I am crazy when I rant about the Fun Police ruining Cape Cod but this video shows that they are very real, they are very organized, and they are more dangerous to our economy than an August hurricane. These people are railing against businesses that create jobs, that give back to the community, that make Cape Cod a fun (GASP!) place for tourists to visit, create memories, return, and maybe even move here. If you handcuff businesses, you handcuff Cape Cod’s economy, plain and simple.

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