Shark Tries To Come On Land In Chatham, People Promptly Rescue The Murderer

shark chatham

shark chatham1

USAT – A 7-foot great white shark became stranded on the beach in Chatham, Massachusetts Monday, drawing a crowd of beachgoers who helped keep the shark wet. According to WCVB, a witness said the shark was trying to eat a seagull but became stranded in the sand.

The shark was eventually returned to the water.

Not so tough now are you chump? Getting a little big for your britches thinking you can come up on land. It evens the playing field a little bit and is a wake up call when you realize that all those teeth don’t do you much good if you don’t have legs to get close enough to your prey to use them. Chalk one up for the humans on this one.

This just goes to show dumb people really are though. You don’t see sharks in the ocean giving people oxygen tanks to keep them alive and towing them back on to land. Rescuing a shark and getting him back into the ocean is like reloading a murderers gun and handing it back to him if he happens to miss with the first six shots. We might as well have cut to the chase and just fed him a couple of human limbs to keep him alive.

Hopefully someone at least had the wherewithal to whisper into his ear and let him know to tell all his friends what lies in store for them if they¬†try to come into our house. Shit gets real on land when you don’t have any lungs or legs. You’re lucky a bunch of hippies got to you first pal, your buddies might not be so lucky if they try a stunt like this. Spread the word shark face, stay in your lane and know your limits or next time you might come across someone who will turn your dorsal fin into a bowl of soup to make an example out of you.

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