Reader Photo Of The Day – Is Hippie Crack Making A Comeback On Cape Cod?

Must’ve been some ice cream party!

Looks like we’ve got another Reddi Whip bandit on our hands. At least these people had the courtesy to actually leave the store before sucking on their hippie crack. Looks like it’s time for The Cape Cod Fun Police to officially launch a campaign against Whipped Cream. It won’t be long now until it’s in a locked glass case and we have to show three forms of ID just to enjoy some Sundaes.

God forbid you ever have to stop at the store for Sudafed and whipped cream at the same time. There will probably be a S.W.A.T. team waiting for you when you come out of the store. I can see the propaganda posters now… “Reddi Whip, the gateway drug to Crystal Meth”.

P.S. wawawawawawawawawawawawa…

Thanks to RPV for the pic

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