People In Sandwich And Bourne Have To Pay For Kindergarten?

kindergarten – The majority of this overage lies in the $245,000 the district is seeking to provide full-day kindergarten at no cost to parents.

Travis Andrade, chairman of Sandwich School Committee, was especially fervent about making the case for free full-day kindergarten. He said Sandwich and Bourne are the only towns on the Cape and islands that do not entirely cover the cost of a full day of kindergarten. Mr. Andrade contended that full-day kindergarten is vital to successful child development. He also said that it is vital to a town’s economic development as it is a big factor for young families when deciding where they will raise their children.

So I was just reading this article about town budgets and when I got to that last paragraph I did a double take. What the hell kind of town charges people for kindergarten? What are we paying taxes for at this point? I hate to be one of those “in my day” type of people but this is getting ridiculous. Charging for kindergarten is right up there with when they decided to stop filtering our water and make us start buying it in bottles.

Hey Sandwich and Bourne, everyone has already paid Kindergarten tuition, we call it “taxes”. Get your shit together, kindergarten shouldn’t be an “overage”. Put that shit in the budget and figure it out. What’s next, security deposits and long term leases for students to rent desks at school?

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