There Are People That Don’t Want A Commuter Rail Stop In Buzzards Bay?

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WL – Would a Boston commuter heading across the Sagamore Bridge early each day opt for a canal-side diversion to a Buzzards Bay passenger rail stop or intuitively drive north along Route 3 to catch the morning train at the Kingston lot?

Cape Cod Commission transportation planners will examine such issues in a revised scope of work and update the 2007 Buzzards Bay Commuter Rail Extension Study, which at this point does not address concerns raised by State Rep. David Vieira, R-Falmouth, and Bourne officials.

So I was all set to go into one of those “Is this real life” rants about this being the dumbest question of all time. What Cape Codder in their right mind would drive by a commuter rail in B Bay to keep driving to Kingston? It makes less than zero sense.

Then I see that Bourne officials and David Vieira have concerns and a little bit of my brain leaked out of my ear. There are very few politicians I like, let alone trust, but David is one of them. Agree or disagree the dude’s ethics and love for this community are beyond reproach. So what the hell is going on here, why wouldn’t we want a commuter rail as close to us as possible?

I’ve got nothing… total blank, can’t think of one drawback. So I’m going to do something I rarely do and let you the readers tell me. What the hell is the problem with a commuter rail in B Bay?

P.S. See, for all you haters, I DON’T claim to know everything… just like 98%.

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  1. I live in BBay and I'm not crazy about the idea only b/c of the parking situation. Where will all the commuters park? I'm lucky enough that I live close enough to town that I can walk to do my errands. So the commuters will fill up the parking lot for the Canal? Take up all the street spaces so that the local businesses suffer? Cram the streets at Taylor's Point?

  2. With anything of this nature there are going to be concerns, justifiably. I think the positives outweigh the negatives in this case though. Yes there is going to be in increase of traffic in Buzzards Bay, especially during the morning and evenings, but, as with any commuter rail town, the hindrance is brief and limited to those times. As to the question of where people will park, the good thing about that is you can limit the number of people who actually CAN park there through limited availability and strict parking violations for those who try to park improperly. Also, there is a lot on the other side of the street behind all the shops which the town could probably turn into a paid lot or at least lease it to the MBTA. Adding this station to the line also serves to bring people TO the area, not just take them away. One would hope that this would lead to increases in revenue for local business and also entice more businesses to come to Buzzards Bay. I recall hearing recently that Buzzards Bay residents want to find a way to make B. Bay like it was when before the highway came in and allowed people to bypass the town altogether. I think this is a great way to get that ball rolling. Just my humble opinion.

  3. MattyB yes this is true…i forgot about the limited seating on the train which would limit the people that parked. However, if the lot you reference is the one behind the TD Bank, that is now permit-only Mass Maritime satelite parking. My husband used to rent space for his tractor trailer from the owner of the antique store (at the property/lot owner's request), then the property owner blocked off the lot, had all the Mass Maritime cars towed in June, and has apparently struck a deal with MMA. He's making a fortune on it now too. It's still fenced and gated from the back street. So there goes that idea, unfortunately.

  4. Commuter Rail would be excellent. I don't think they'd be any problem with parking. I'm sure many of the BBay commercial landlords would tear down an old building for commuter parking $. No tenants to chase, no plumbing. electrical, appliance issues, turn over repair and paint. Kingston charges $4 daily to park. Let's assume a bare minimum of 50 cars, 20 days a month. That's (4*20)*50 =$4K minimum per month. (Other 10 days pays taxes, paving and such) That's a nice chunk of $ with no hassle direct credit card payment. That's only with 50 cars. Kingston holds 1000+ think about those numbers…

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