Man Digs Huge Hole At A Vineyard Beach, Has To Be Rescued By A Backhoe After It Collapses

edgartown sand

Edgartown PD Facebook – Edgartown Police and Fire responded to to a person who became buried after the hole he dug at Norton Point Beach caved in. The male had dug a 6-8 foot deep hole before it collapsed.

His friends were able to clear only enough sand to establish an airway. Edgartown Fire personnel used shovels and a backhoe to dig the male out. We want to remind the public of the dangers of digging holes at the beach.

First off, there’s no way this is a local Vineyarder right? Only a tourist would dig an 8 ft. hole at a beach. Even then, digging holes at the beach is a little embarrassing for a grown man.

Secondly, what does that mean his friends could only clear enough sand to establish an airway? Um, keep digging ya pricks. Your buddy just dug an 8 ft. hole by himself. I’m pretty sure you can dig him out of it.

Lastly, great job by all the emergency responders that rescued this guy. I would like to publicly apologize to all of you from the human race. The fact that we have no natural enemies and no way to cull our herd means that you have to dig holes at the beach with excavators to save lives every once in a while. If only we were hunted by lions, I’m sure this genius would have run face first into a tree and been eaten by now. Instead you need to waste a day digging him out of his sandcastles moat. Again, sorry.

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