If You Are Going To OD On Heroin, Do It In Harwich

harwich heroin

HARWICH – The Harwich Police Department will host a Narcan Education and Training program on Saturday, December 7 at 10 a.m. at the Harwich Police Station.

“The Harwich Police Department recognizes the opiate epidemic occurring within the region and our community and the impact that it has on crime and the quality of life our our residents,” said Sgt. Bob Brackett in a release.

Opioid overdose, including heroin, is a leading cause of death in Massachusetts, the release said. Narcan is a nasal naloxene that can reverse an opioid overdose.

Attendees of the Harwich training at the police station on Sisson Road will receive a free Narcan kit.

Holy shit people must be doing a ton of heroin in Harwich if the police decided they needed to start arming citizens with kits to reverse overdoses.

Isn’t this kind of like giving people a get out of jail free card though? Is it a good idea to take away one of the repercussions of an action like this? Just like fear of jail keeps people from breaking the law, fear of death is one of the big reasons people don’t do heroin. Now we just need a kit to nullify it’s addictive properties and we can all start hitting the smack.

The way it stands now, if I ever decide to start doing heroin, I’m going to Harwich to get high. I’ll lay around high as fuck in a nice target shirt like this…

target shirt

That way if I OD chances are someone that passes by will be able to Pulp Fiction me in the chest Uma style. Harwich, feel free to overdose on heroin here, someone will reverse it!

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