This Fisherman Just Put The Provincetown Conservation Commission On Notice

served – For the past month, sea clam vessels have been dredging thousands of shellfish from a 2-square-foot mile area off Herring Cove Beach.

The Provincetown Conservation Commission ratified enforcement orders against four vessels Tuesday, mandating that the boat captains cease and desist from fishing up to 40 feet offshore, which is within the town’s jurisdiction. The fishermen have also been ordered to submit plans to repair the area they are accused of damaging. These plans must be approved by the Conservation Commission, said Dennis Minsky, commission chairman.

But as of Wednesday morning, at least one of the boats, the 70-foot Tom Slaughter, of Gloucester, was out there again dredging clams, McKinsey said.

The fishermen don’t have to obey the local regulation because the state Division of Marine Fisheries, which has jurisdiction over fishing, allows it, said Monte Rome, owner of the Tom Slaughter.

“Provincetown has no authority,” he said. “The enforcement orders are paper tigers. There is nothing to them.”

Oh snap! Don’t forget to tip your waiter P-Town, because your ass just got served! Monte Rome coming out swinging against the conservation committee and tossing origami tigers right in their face. I haven’t read about a middle finger going up towards a Cape town like this since Marc Finneran hung that “town hall needs an enema” sign on the front of his house. This is such an absolute and total disregard for authority that I am inclined to love it just on principal. This amount of douchiness commands respect.

P.S. The real story here was just glossed right over though, what is this all about?

A 2006 state survey of the ocean floor didn’t find eelgrass but it did find a curiously large number of porcelain toilet bowls in that area, according to Diodati’s letter.

Um… hello? Can we elaborate on this a little? You can’t just casually mention curiously large numbers of toilets on the sea floor in one random sentence and leave it at that. Someone call James Cameron and send out Alvin, we may have just stumbled upon the ancient lost city of Poopopolis.

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