Cape Geography – What Do We Do About Bourne?

cape map 2

Ok so we opened a massive can of worms yesterday with our Cape Map. One of the big questions raised in the multitude of emails we received was whether or not someone from Bourne that lives north of The Canal, is from The Cape?

It’s a mind fuck if you think about it. According to our map they technically are not from Cape Cod, but they went to High School on The Cape, so doesn’t that make them a “Cape kid”?

What if they moved around Bourne? Say they lived north of The Canal until 4th grade and went to Bournedale Elementary. None of this is technically on The Cape. Then they move to a new house in Bourne south of The Canal. They are now “born and raised” in a single town, but not “born and raised” on The Cape?

Is this person a native Cape Codder or a washashore? Remember there is a chance this person never technically set foot on Cape Cod until they were 9 or 10 years old, but they never left their town.

I think we need to establish some kind of committee to deal with this. I for one have to stop thinking about it. It’s making my brain hurt?

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