Another Genius Cape Criminal Robs Mashpee Curtain Store At Gunpoint

venetian-blinds – A suspect wanted in connection with the armed robbery of KC’s Drapery & Blind Design on Route 151 in Mashpee was apprehended early this afternoon after a one-hour standoff with police.

Mashpee Police Chief Rodney C. Collins said that the suspect displayed a firearm and demanded money  at the store, and then fled on foot to a home on nearby Algonquin Avenue.

You know we get a ton of shit for posting police reports here but how the hell am I supposed to ignore something like this? This dude robbed a DRAPERY store! Dude, go where the money is. I’ve already posted about how easy it is to rob a bank¬†but these dumb ass Cape criminals won’t listen.

I’m pretty sure armed robbery carries the same penalty for robbing KC’s Drapery as it does for knocking off a Rockland Trust bro. If you’re gonna rob someone at least give yourself a chance at a decent pay day. I’m pretty sure there isn’t a big money windfall coming your way when you’re fencing stolen Venetian Blinds to old ladies on Craigslist.

P.S. For all you people whose feelings we hurt because we are meanies to criminals, tell them not to rob a fucking window dressing store with a gun or suck on nitrous in the dairy aisle and we promise to leave them alone.

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