Another Armed Robbery On The Cape


Patch – Yarmouth Police report that the suspect in an armed robbery in Hyannis has been captured on Camp Street in West Yarmouth.

One source reports the armed robbery was of the Tedeschi’s at 696 Yarmouth Road in Hyannis, but that hasn’t been confirmed with police.

Forget about crab fisherman in Alaska, convenience store clerk on Cape Cod is officially the most dangerous job in the world. It seems like we have a new armed robbery in the news every day now. They all seem to get caught too, hasn’t anyone told these guys about how easy it is to get away with a bank robbery?

Anyway, we need to do something about this pretty soon or we’ll need to hire armed mercenaries from Halliburton to man our convenience store cash registers. We’ll be forced to go through TSA level screening and a colonoscopy just to get into 7-Eleven. I don’t know about you but I certainly don’t feel like getting the shocker every time I want some Ben and Jerry’s and a Slim Jim.

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