An Afghan Soldier Who Deserted Otis After Visiting Zach’s Won Asylum In The U.S.


Globe – An Afghan soldier who fled a training exercise on Cape Cod last year and headed toward Canada has won asylum in the United States, his lawyer said Tuesday.

Major Jan Arash was one of the three soldiers who spent more than $1,600 to travel from Cape Cod to a border checkpoint in Niagara Falls, where they were detained.

“He’s almost speechless. He’s overjoyed,” said Matthew Borowski, Arash’s attorney in Buffalo.

The soldiers argued that sending them back to the Afghan Army would be tantamount to a death sentence because they had been targeted by the Taliban for fighting alongside Americans.

One of the other soldiers was released to Canada, where he had relatives and planned to seek asylum. The third soldier remains in immigration detention in Batavia, N.Y., near Buffalo, Borowski said. He hopes to secure asylum for that soldier as well.

I’m all for this decision. Let ’em stay I say. In a time when most people are bitching about one thing or another about the U.S. it’s refreshing to see someone who wants to be here this much.

I think this should be policy. If your life in your old country was so bad that seeing one set of boobies at Zachary’s makes you desert your army and country in the hopes of staying here? That’s good enough for me, and it damn well should be good enough for Uncle Sam. Who wouldn’t want to leave a non boobie country for a country packed with boobies? It’s a simple equation really

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