VIDEO: What It Looked Like To Boat Through The Canal In 1927

This is a really cool video and all. It’s pretty amazing just to see things like a harbor master wearing a suit on his boat, or wooden piers with boats docked on the side of The Canal.

By far the most amazing part though is that there were originally drawbridges over The Canal. Thank the good lord that someone smartened up and decided to build the tall bridges we have now huh? Imagine the road rage that would happen on a Friday afternoon in July or August? How many people would you shoot if you waited an hour and half in bumper to bumper traffic and then when you got to the bridge a gate came down and the fucking thing started going up?

I would guess the over under would be around 37 for┬áthe number of drawbridge related deaths by human hand per summer. Not to mention the turnover of bridge tenders. I know I’d be good for choking out at least three a year.

P.S. I challenge anyone to find anything that is more 1927 Cape Cod than this guy.

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