Peter Gammons Weighs In On Dan LeBatard And Deadspin’s Hall Of Fame Vote – “It’s Insulting”

Last night at the Falmouth Commodores Hot Stove event we had a chance to ask Peter Gammons a few questions. When we asked him for his point of view on Dan LeBatard handing his Hall of Fame vote over to Deadspin he definitely didn’t mince words. We have more coverage from the event in the works but for now here is the audio from the Gammons interview…

UPDATE: This story got picked up by Deadspin, join the discussion Here

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  1. mussina will make it, he’s a great pitcher and was to me the face of yankees pitching more than clemens, brown, johnson, or pettitte were. he was the original cc sabathia and it is shocking to think he never won a ring. admittedly, he’s not a first ballot guy only because he was up against glavine and maddux. people forget how great mussina was because his most scrutinized years were with yankees at the tail end of his career in his mid 30s where he didn’t perform as well. gammons loves mussina but that’s mainly just a litttle east coast bias from reporting on the al east for espn. 270 wins and a 3.5 ERA in an era where a mid 4 was considerred average is HOF worthy to me. in regards to deadspin, their balloting method actually captured a very close prediction to the final balloting results. the guys at that site were not trying to make a mockery of the sport or the process, they were just trying to express their view as fans. the bbwaa does not represent the fans they represent the egos of journists who believe they know more about a sport than their fellow readers. a journalism degree certifies you to write but it does not certify you to understand the game of basevall anymore than a regular person. sure gammo’s ego might be hurt but he’ll understand eventually.

  2. What’s more insulting is that Gammons assumes Deadspin readers/writers haven’t been to Cooperstown. Right, because a site for loudmouth sports fans certainly doesn’t have a base that would care enough to go to Cooperstown ever, like I have twice. Thanks for the holier-than-thou approach, Peter.

  3. Not insulting: BBWAA members voting for Aaron Sele and Jacque Jones. Not insulting at all.

    Also not insulting: BBWAA vice-presidents crowdsourcing their ballots. Not insulting at all.

    But what IS insulting? Old white men defending tradition in a game that’s drowning in it.