Is Yarmouth Winning The Battle With The Fun Police? – St. Patrick’s Day Update


CapeCodOnline.comThere will be plenty of celebrating along with a bit of elbow-bending Saturday, even before the ninth annual St. Patrick’s Parade steps off from Bass River Sports World at 11 a.m.

Three establishments along the 2-mile parade route — Red Face Jack’s Pub, Tavern 731 and Captain Parker’s Pub — are offering parade-goers some pre-parade sustenance and an early start on their celebratory drinking, opening at 8 a.m. for breakfast, complete with bloody marys and mimosas.

Red Face Jack’s owner Ted Zambelis was able to get permission from the selectmen to set up an outdoor area in his parking lot where he’ll serve sandwiches and beer.

The outdoor service of alcohol will mark a first for the parade and was not granted without some trepidation.

Bloody Mary’s at 8 a.m.? Outdoor drinking that caused trepidation? A bunch of people who are 1/64th Irish getting hammered solely to enforce a stereotype about an island that 99% of them have never so much as set foot on? Where do we sign up?

So when did Yarmouth become the Southie of The Cape? I’m thinking we may seriously need to assemble the Real Cape video crew and head to middle earth on Saturday. Can someone from Y-town chime in here and let us know if this is actually as fun as it sounds?

We wouldn’t want to get there and find out there is a two beer limit or the entire event is sponsored by some wacko group like Marijuana Anonymous or some shit.

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