Winter Weather Advisory? 2-4 More Inches Of Snow? 45 mph Winds? BRING IT!

snow problems

So the winter weather advisory is officially on for Cape Cod because of 2-4 inches of snow and winds up to 45 MPH? That’s child’s play, you know who needs an advisory? Mother Nature, that’s who. That bitch just threw everything she had at us and we didn’t even flinch, now we are supposed to be scared of 2-4 inches? Take a hike sweetheart, I ADVISE YOU to move your little storm out to sea and stop embarrassing yourself. Cape Cod knows how to handle snow.

P.S. Yes, I realize some people still can’t get down their street, we cancelled like a month of school, the Cape almost got cut in half, houses fell into the ocean and Nantucket pretty much sunk into the ocean because of the last storm, but people say I’m too negative so I’m just going to pretend that we won that one and that we’re going to win this one too.

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