What’s The Deal With Dukes County Always Being Referred To As “The County of Dukes County”?

dukes county

I will probably get shit for this since this is The Real Cape and all but it’s just one of those things that has been the way it is so long I never questioned it. Until now. I’ve been going to the Vineyard for as long as I can remember, I’ve worked on The Vineyard, we had a house there growing up, it’s not an issue of me just becoming aware of this, it’s an issue of it just being so deeply ingrained in me that Dukes County is “The County of Dukes County”.

It’s like an Abbott and Costello routine when you think about it. Just completely redundant. It’s kind of a power move on The Vineyard’s part when you think about it. It’s as if the founders just said “Hey let’s put county in the name of the county and force everyone for eternity to use horrible grammar”. Or maybe someone just screwed up the paperwork when they were filing to become a county?

So can someone do me a favor and comment on this telling me exactly what the story is here? I’m sure I could get to the bottom of it with a Google search but it’s always best to hear historical tales told by people who have had them handed down over generations don’t you think?

So what the hell is the deal with “The County of Dukes County” thing? Ready… go!

P.S. Yes, “we had a house there growing up” is an epic humblebrag.

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