We Could Use This Guy That Graffitis Penises Around Potholes Here On Cape Cod


Jalopnik – in England and he spray paints dicks on things. And by God, he gets things done.

The Huffington Post reports that Wanksy, who takes his name from the famous graffiti artist Banksy, has been going around Greater Manchester spray-painting dicks on the potholes that mark the city’s streets. He started his anonymous crusade after some cyclist friends got hurt on the potholes.

And wouldn’t you know that he’s actually succeeded in getting some of them fixed? It turns out that while cities are usually happy to let potholes just sit in the middle of the road and destroy our wheels and suspensions, they get a new sense of urgency when those potholes are covered in unsightly drawings of dicks and balls. Who knew?

After the winter we just had on Cape Cod our roads look like the surface of the moon, and our towns aren’t exactly out there hustling getting them filled (not the DPW’s fault, I’m sure their budgets are shot). We need this guy, he’s a genius. Nothing motivates the highway department like a politician screaming at them about ejaculating dicks.

While this guy’s tactics may have proven effective, I’ve actually come up with an even better solution tailor made for Cape Cod,…


Introducing the Cape Cod Piping Plover Pool and Spa. All I need to do is to trick one Plover into my scheme. When he gets pancaked by an F-350, the bug counters from the Seashore will be out in droves with shovels and gravel, filling in the holes in no time.

The best part of this plan is that when they are all out capping our Plover pools, we can sneak into the Seashore and feed chickadees out of our hands all day. Talk about a win/win situation for the people.

thanks to Jodi and Chris for the tips

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