Are Washashores Real Cape Codders?

washashore shirt

Since the post this morning about our new shirts, we’ve been getting emails asking us why we would make a shirt for washashores. We also noticed during the casting call that some washashores shied away from admitting their status as if they were ashamed of it. We figure it is time to clear this up.

Being a washashore is not a bad thing.

It seems that some people equate being a washashore with being a tourist. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Washashores are people that were born somewhere else but choose to live year round on Cape Cod, they are not tourists. There seems to be this idea floating around that a washashore can never be a “real” Cape Codder. This could not be further from the truth.

Washashores are most certainly “real” Cape Codders.

Think about it for a second, a washashore doesn’t end up on Cape Cod by chance. They don’t live here because it happens to be where they were born. Washashores live here because they made a conscious decision to make Cape Cod their home. You have to respect that.

Or think about it this way. Forward thinking, intelligent people don’t judge a person because of how they were born, (e.g. their sexual preference, race, etc.) So why would we judge people by where they were born? It makes no sense. The bottom line is that if you think you are better than someone else, or more entitled, simply because of where you were born, then you are a grade A asshole.

This is why we made a shirt for washashores. The Real Cape embraces you. Washashores should be just as proud of being washashores as natives are of being natives. Hug a washashore today! Better yet CLICK HERE and buy one a shirt!

P.S. I am a native, I was born on Cape Cod, so don’t try to tell me I am biased.

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