Wait, Alvin The Sub Is 50 Years Old?


CapeCodOnline.com – When the Alvin was commissioned 50 years ago today on Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution’s dock, the three-person submarine was one of the only ways human beings could see, much less explore, the ocean’s floor.

Today it’s one piece of an expanding scientific arsenal that includes autonomous robots and remote-controlled vehicles that can collect samples, draw maps and send back high-definition images of the ocean’s depths to the surface.

But the famed sub still has an important role to play in the future of exploration, WHOI scientists say. Despite the cost and inherent danger, mankind still wants to see its discoveries in person.

So today, on its 50th birthday, the Alvin will be in the Gulf of Mexico, doing what Alvin does best: carrying two scientists and a pilot thousands of meters below the surface of the water in search of discovery.

Well this just doesn’t seem right at all. Talk about feeling old. I still think of Alvin as a bright eyed, bushy tailed little sub discovering the Titanic. Turns out Alvin was 22 years old already by 1986. I guess when you think about it that is pretty impressive. When I was 22 my biggest accomplishment in life was successfully funneling 5 beers at once.

Most 22 year olds are still trying to discover how to get laid and Alvin was out discovering the Titanic? Talk about an over achiever, turns out his full name is Alvin Howser M.D.

Happy Birthday Alvin, I swear you don’t look a day over 40.

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  1. Wow didn’t realize it was that old. When I was 22 I was actually on a submarine! Dr. Ballard down to our sub for a tour one time, real nice guy. I remember when I was at N.Falmouth elementary one of my classmates dads brought each of us a shrunken dunkin donuts Styrofoam cup that has gone down on the outside of Alvin for career day. I think that is what got me interested in being a submariner. Happy Birthday Al!

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