VIDEO: When Turkey’s Attack – This Is Officially Out Of Control

I knew the turkey situation on Cape Cod was bad, but I had no idea it was to the point where they are roaming the streets in gangs trying to carjack mail trucks. Who do these pricks think they are? No wonder the pilgrims wiped them off the face of the peninsula. It wasn’t because of Thanksgiving, they knew that they were a menace to society.

Why exactly are we not doing anything about this? If there were packs of any other animal roaming the streets so brazenly that they were attacking moving vehicles, there would be a task force and SWAT team sent out to destroy them. Do these turkeys have naked photos of someone’s wife or something? I want them dead, I want their families dead, I want their nests (or whatever they live in) burned to the ground, and I want to piss on the ashes.

P.S. They are smarter than we think. Remember…

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