VIDEO: Police Apprehend Screaming Dude Guy In Hyannis

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Well that should do it right? Once the powers that be see this video and hear this gentleman’s concise and eloquent argument, they will have no choice but to put an end to all civil and human rights violations immediately. This is democracy in action folks, some people sit on their asses waiting for change, some people wander aimlessly and scream incoherently at nobody in particular while foaming at the mouth to force change.

Leaders aren’t born folks, they are made… apparently by taking bad acid in Hyannis.

P.S. Democracy now!

P.P.S. Best moment is at 1:12 when he says to the second officer, “I thought we talked to that issue… I was… nevermind.”

Nevermind indeed my friend, nevermind indeed.

hyannis screaming

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