Unregistered Sex Offender With Most Sex Offendery Mugshot Of All Time

sex offender mugshot

CCT – A West Yarmouth man faces a slew of charges including impaired driving and failure to register as a sex offender following his arrest Tuesday night. According to a Yarmouth police release, officers attempted to pull over the driver of a Mercedes SUV with a non-functioning headlight on Willow Street around 10:30 p.m.

Despite the siren and lights, the driver, 50-year-old Christopher MacDonald of 53 Lewis Road in West Yarmouth, reportedly refused to pull over.

Police said MacDonald jumped out of the car and ran to the home at 53 Lewis Road with police following on foot… The officers were able to get inside the bedroom where they attempted to arrest MacDonald who they said kept his arms under his body to avoid being handcuffed.

MacDonald was reportedly injured during the struggle with officers when his face hit the floor breaking his glasses…

MacDonald reportedly refused transport to Cape Cod Hospital.

During booking, police discovered that MacDonald has been living with his mother on Lewis Road for the past two months during which time he failed to register as a sex offender.

MacDonald, a Level 3 sex offender, was last registered in Bourne. In 1994, MacDonald was convicted of indecent assault and battery on a person aged 14 or older. He was last registered as living at 59 Hunters Brook Road in Bourne according to the state Sex Offender Registry Board (SORB).

Looking good bud! Might as well change your name to Assaulty McKidrape and move to Diddleville, Florida at this point because you aren’t fooling anybody.

How relieved were these cops when they found out this dude was a non registered sex offender? Of course it’s never “good” news to hear that someone is a diddler, but it sure as shit ensures that there is no chance the officers involved get sued because of him “hitting his face on the floor and breaking his glasses.”

Those cops could have stuck a billy club up this guy’s urethra and people would be baking them cookies and shit. Look I’m not saying that the police beat this dude up or did anything wrong. I’m just saying that if you are a police officer and you somehow find yourself with a prisoner in your custody that has 93 lacerations to the grill piece, it might as well be a sex offender. The only thing anyone would get mad about when it comes to facial lacerations on a diddler is that there aren’t enough of them.

P.S. Gotta love the flesh colored band aids, barely noticeable at all bro.

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