Town Leaders Finally Doing Something About An Issue We Brought Up 4 Months Ago

route 6 – Town leaders hope to meet with state highway officials about Route 6, following a fatality on Tuesday and an hourslong traffic jam on Saturday after a three-car crash.

The death of Wende Harrison, 54, of Eastham, at Kerouach Road, after her minivan taxi crossed the center line and crashed into two vehicles, is the first fatality on Route 6 this year, Police Chief Ron Fisette said.

But there have been 48 vehicle crashes on the road this year, and there were two fatalities in August 2013, one when a driver veered across the center lane near the Truro town line and the other when a teen bicyclist was hit while crossing the highway.

There have been seven fatalities, including the bicyclist, on Route 6 in Wellfleet from 2007 until Tuesday, Fisette said.

The neighboring town of Eastham has had four fatalities along the road during the same time period, an Eastham police official said Wednesday. Truro has had two, based on reports in the Times archives.

“In my mind, business as usual can’t continue,” said Rep. Sarah Peake, D-Provincetown. After learning about Harrison’s death on Tuesday, Peake sent an email to Wellfleet Town Administrator Harry Terkanian asking if town leaders would be interested in a meeting with state officials and others who have control over the highway or might have input on its weaknesses.

There have been fatalities in Wellfleet both this August and last, Peake noted.

So, State Reps and Town Leaders are finally realizing how ridiculously dangerous Route 6 is? Maybe someone has been reading The Real Cape, seeing as we brought this issue up about 4 months ago. On April 24th I wrote a blog called: “Is Route 6 The Most Dangerous Road In The Universe?“.

Here is an excerpt:

The following shows the results of an internet wide, news filtered (very high tech) search of “route 6 Cape Cod”…

route 6 cape cod

Look at those results, Google doesn’t lie folks.

All kidding aside, there really seems to be a major accident and shutdown on Route 6 every single day. Maybe it’s because Cape Cod has a disproportionate number of old people. Maybe people on Cape Cod are always in a rush. Maybe the road is cursed.

Is The Real Cape changing the world? Less than a month ago we won The Nobel Prize, and now we are just blazing trails for State Reps and town leaders to walk through 4 months later. It’s too bad they decided against a Mayor of Cape Cod because I think it’s pretty obvious who the front runner would be. Oh well, I guess for now we’ll just have to keep being right about everything and giving the silent majority a voice. Hopefully the powers that be will catch up with us on a few other issues soon.

P.S. Yes I know you’ve all been thinking this about Route 6 for years as well, that’s the point. The silent majority needs to take back The Cape.

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