Today’s Proof That God Loves Cape Cod – A New Local Brewery!

devils purse brewing

Well would you take a look at what we found on Twitter and Facebook. A prettier sight these eyes have never seen…

Cape Cod has another brewery! Hallelujah! There’s not much information out there except that it’s in South Dennis and has a really cool name. The website is a one page deal and their Twitter and Facebook accounts are pretty barren, but judging by that pic the beer should be flowing fairly soon. We just wanted to let the people at Devil’s Purse Brewing know that we welcome them with open arms, and we are always available for media tours, tastings, product reviews, you name it. Anything that gets us beer. We are shameless when it comes to beer.

P.S. Disclaimer to Devil’s Purse, if we love it we’ll tell a few hundred thousand people, but on the flip side, if it sucks? We’ll tell a few hundred thousand people. You know, because of the whole “real” thing.

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