Today In Cape Cod History – They Tried To Build A Bridge To The Vineyard In ’66?

vineyard bridge – On this day in 1966, residents of Martha’s Vineyard reacted angrily to a proposal that the state build a toll bridge between Cape Cod and the island.

The Automobile Legal Association was urging then Governor John A. Volpe to build a bridge due to what it called “exorbitant” ferry rates.

The association claimed that ferry prices between Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard “are now the highest ferry fares in North America.”

Leading the opposition was the famed editor of the Vineyard Gazette, Henry Beetle Hough on left, who proclaimed, “It’s just insane.”

A slightly calmer island chamber of commerce head said, “a bridge will ruin this island.”

Well, Henry Hough hit the nail on the head with this one. A bridge to Martha’s Vineyard is “just insane”. If there were a bridge to The Vineyard it would be the 7th longest bridge in the United States. Imagine over 7 miles of bridge packed with idiots from states that start with “New”?

Oh and what on earth would happen to all of those cars when they got to the island? Martha’s Vineyard would be a parking lot. Not like how we call The Cape a parking lot in the summer, but literally, a parking lot. Nobody would be able to get anywhere.

Next time you hear someone get all nostalgic about the “old days” and how good we had it back then. Don’t believe that shit for a second. People were idiots back then. You’d have to be about as evolved as an orangutan to think a bridge to Martha’s Vineyard is a good idea in any way shape or form.

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