Today In Cape Cod History – People Killing Each Other Over Booze – Hug A Bottle Today

beer please – On this day in 1932, state and local police conducted a widespread search for gunmen suspected of killing one man and critically wounding another outside an empty garage in Hyannis.

“State police laid the slaying at the door of rum runners they believed had been using the garage as a storage place for liquor-laden trucks,” the Sun reported. “The structure stands about 100 yards from the main highway in a rather isolated section a mile west of Hyannis.”

Within a year of the incident, one of many such violent episodes fueled by the illegal sale of alcohol, the 18th Amendment that began Prohibition was repealed with ratification of the 21st Amendment on Dec. 5, 1933.

Can you imagine what the middle of winter on Cape Cod in 1933 was like with no booze? Right now I am typing on a laptop, checking Twitter on my phone, flicking through channels on my T.V., wondering what type of food to have delivered to my house and I’m still so bored that I may start drinking soon.

Now let’s go back to 1933 when there was no computer, phone, T.V. etc. Literally NOTHING to do and then Uncle Sam decides to take away booze. You just had a shitty week at work, it’s Friday and you just got paid but you can’t go have a drink? What is there to do? Keep in mind it’s winter, 1933. Bare knuckle boxing to the death is really the only activity that comes to mind.

So do me a favor, go to your kitchen right now and grab a beer, a bottle, or any kind of booze and hold it close to your bosom for just a moment. Caress it and thank it for existing because remember, in 1933, on this day in Cape Cod history, it didn’t.


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