Tick Bite Wars: Would You Rather Get Lyme Disease Or Become A Vegetarian

lone star

Fox43.com – A bite from a certain kind of tick, could give you an allergy to meat.  The so-called Lone Star tick, which has a single white spot on its back, is the one to watch out for.

The ticks have a sugar that humans don’t have called Alpha-Gal. The sugar is also in red meats and some dairy.

Jeffrey Tucker, an urban entomologist in Houston, explains how a human becomes allergic to meat.

“It develops antibodies, a way to fight those foreign antigens, it could happen weeks or months or years later. You eat some meat, that sugar is also found in meat and your body reacts to it,” said Tucker.

“As an allergist, it’s unbelievable,” said Dr. Clifford Bassett, Medical Director of Allergy and Asthma Care of New York. “What it means is, if you have a Lone Star tick, and it bites you, within several days, things are occurring in your immune system and you actually may develop delayed reactions to red meat.  That includes beef, pork and lamb.”

Oh cut the shit will ya science. Yesterday we posted about the new disease being spread by deer ticks and someone posted a link to this article in the comments. I figured it was from The Onion, but then I click and find out that this shit is real? You can actually be forced into vegetarianism from a tick bite? This obviously poses a very serious question.

Would you rather get lyme disease or become allergic to meat?

I know most of you are probably going to say that Lyme disease is much worse, with really painful symptoms etc. but hear me out. While it is probably much more painful, it doesn’t last forever. It can be treated and its victims go on to live more or less normal lives.

There is nothing normal about a life without cheeseburgers and steak tips. I’m pretty sure that I would develop the symptoms of Lyme disease if I didn’t have meat every few days anyway. A stiff neck, chills, fever, swollen lymph nodes, headaches, fatigue, muscle aches, and joint pain are nothing compared to what I’d go through after a few days without my salami pizza.

Before we put this to a vote, don’t be fooled by the name Lone Star either, these pricks are in the northeast just like deer ticks.


So what will it be, let’s decide by popular vote shall we?

P.S. This vegetarian tick bite disease is the weirdest thing I’ve heard of since that chick that developed a french accent from a car accident.

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