Do You Think Homeless People Care That We Have Vigils For Homeless People?

vigil – HYANNIS — On Saturday, the longest night of the year, Cape Codders will gather to remember the local members of the homeless population who died in 2013.

The memorial service for the homeless – part of the National Homeless Service Memorial Day – will be at 5 p.m. on the Hyannis Village Green, said Alan Burt, the organizer.

This will be followed by a 7 p.m. gathering in Cape Cod Covenant Church, 11 Satucket Road, Brewster, with volunteers who plan to sleep outside the church in tents.

This is the 10th year that Burt and about six to 12 others have braved the longest night of the year as a way to demonstrate “we understand, we care,” Burt said.

How about instead of a vigil you use those candles to light a fire to warm up the homeless people who are still alive? We don’t have vigils for the homed people who died in 2013, why do the homeless people get one? And you are going to sleep outside to show them that you understand?

How does it do homeless people one bit of good for you to sleep outside one night? If I’m homeless I’d much rather you let me sleep in your house one night than you sleeping in mine, but there’s no chance any one of these “volunteers” would ever let the guy who talks to the sidewalk sleep on their couch.

Sleeping outside and freezing your ass off to support homeless people is like supporting battered women by having your husband kick the shit out of you for one night. How does that help anyone?

Oh it demonstrates that “we understand, we care”? Really? You know what homeless people “understand and care” about? A fifth of Gin and a pack of Lucky Strikes. So pack up your shit and head to the liquor store if you really want to help, but don’t for a second trick yourself into thinking you made one bit of difference by sleeping in a sub zero sleeping bag inside of your EMS tent for one fucking night.

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