There’s A Live Web Cam Of The Gray Seals Pupping!

Live streaming video by Ustream

Wicked – BREWSTER — Gray seal pupping season is underway on Maine’s Seal Island, and “Seal Cam” is once again capturing the colony via live streaming video. The camera was turned on in December at the start of the gray seal pupping season and has already captured the live birth of a baby seal, social behaviors between adults, and interactions with bald eagles on the island. NOAA seal researchers at the Northeast Fisheries Science Center (NEFSC) are using a remote camera to learn more about gray seal ecology.

And here we were thinking we wouldn’t be able to meet the new babies until they got back to The Cape. Turns out there is a live cam we can watch all day to keep up with all the newcomers. I’ve already named all of the ones born so far but feel free to share any name ideas you have for the next ones.

Here’s my top five baby seal names.

1. Slim
2. Slick
3. Whitey
4. Rick
5. Ron
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