There’s A Dude On The Dennis-Yarmouth Field Hockey Team

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CBS – If it’s called the girls’ field hockey team, then why is there a boy on the field? That’s what some parents were asking as they watched Dennis-Yarmouth face off against Acton-Boxboro Tuesday with goalie Max Allen protecting the DY goal net.

“Look at him lined up with everybody else. I mean, there’s such a physical difference,” said Maura Champigny watching her daughter’s team face Allen. “Having a boy in a field hockey net somehow doesn’t sit well.”

Oh come on man, why do you have to do this do the rest of us? Like guys don’t have enough to worry about, now we have to figure out a way to talk about a dude on a field hockey team and not end up sleeping on the couch tonight? Very selfish bro. You switched teams in more ways than one.

What am I supposed to do though, not write about this? No chance, so here goes nothing…

I’m sure this will inevitably break down into an argument about gender roles and how society created and perpetuates them. Bullshit. Society didn’t create gender roles, science and nature did. There were gender roles way before there was a modern society. Lions have gender roles and last I checked they don’t have television.

The bottom line here is that if you think boys should be able to play athletic sports with girls then you need to be OK with it at every level. Would you be OK with a man beating the shit out of a woman in a boxing ring?

Sorry, but when it comes to physicality men and women are simply not on the same playing field. Ignoring those differences is akin to burying our heads in the sand, which doesn’t solve any of the real problems we have with sexism, and it certainly doesn’t get us any closer to actual equality, just deeper into denial.

So this kid wants to play field hockey? Well guess what? We don’t all get to do what we want. Midgets would love to ride a roller coaster every once in a while. Girls would like to pee off the side of a moving boat. I’d be interested to know what it’s like to carry a human egg to maturity inside of me for 9 months, but I can’t. Why? BECA– USE I’M NOT A WOMAN.

Lastly, to his coach who says he’s “the same as everyone else on the team” and all of you ladies who are about to comment saying you think it’s cute and endearing the way he is challenging the status quo, let me ask you this. If your daughter was on that team, would you be cool with him showering with her after the game? How about sleeping over in her bed this weekend? No? But… we are all the same…

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