The Latest North Carolina Shark Attack Victim Is From Wareham

shark attack

CC – The latest person bitten by a shark off the North Carolina coast has been identified as a Wareham man.
Andrew Costello, 68, was bitten several times while in waist-deep water near the Outer Banks. He’s in fair condition at a North Carolina hospital.

Witnesses say he was pulled under by a shark about 7 feet long. It’s the 7th shark attack in North Carolina.
Shark experts have a not-so-reassuring explanation for a recent spate of attacks along the coast of the Carolinas: it’s mainly because so many people are getting in the water.

That’s more attacks than North Carolina has recorded in any single year dating to 2000.
But George Burgess, director of the Florida Program for Shark Research, says it’s all a matter of perspective. He notes there have already been 11 attacks in Florida, and there were 28 last year.

Oh hell no. I’ve been saying all along that all these shark attacks in North Carolina are happening because the sharks are warming up for a big summer on the Cape. Now they’ve singled out a Wareham guy. Coincidence? I think not. Obviously they are trying to get a feel for what our Yankee asses are gonna taste like up here above the Mason-Dixon.

This might actually be a good thing though. Maybe the shark that bit this dude will tell his buddies he tasted like shit and they’ll think that’s what Cape Codders taste like. Stupid sharks don’t know the difference between Wareham and Cape Cod, they don’t realize Wareham people are like grape juice and we are like a fine wine. This could work out in our favor.

P.S. How about George Burgess? He’s like “Hey at least you aren’t Florida”. No shit George, we all thank our lucky stars every day.

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