Summer 06; Legends Were Made, Hearts Were Broken

My girlfriends and I have all been best friends for as long as I can remember. Some of us for more than 25 years. We have endless amounts of stories and laughs to share, but one thing in particular will always go down in history – the summer of 2006, or “06” as we like to call it.

Why was 06 so significant? Well for starters we were all in college with no obligations other than to show up to our super important jobs which consisted of either serving swirls of frozen milk at the local DQ (Dairy Queen) or tossing a rope around a pillar at the IQ (Island Queen) <– not a coincidence that we all worked for “Queens” #DIVA

On top of having mindless jobs and no real expenses other than gas, cell phones, weekly TJ Maxx trips and binge drinking funds..we were all also recently 21..and single. For the first time, EVER. Game on, betches.

Sure, we were all about 15 pounds heavier than we are today (and by ‘we’ I mean me) and didn’t have a whole lot to offer other than our pearly white smiles and guaranteed admittance to Club Dino’s since one of us was minorly stalked by the manager…but made due with the hands we were dealt.

Our days consisted of either working (ew) or laying out at Old Silver or my parents back yard, depending on whether or not we were still bloated from the McDonald’s we most definitely inhaled at 2am the night before. But regardless of location, we always filled the day with drinking.

Depending on the night, we’d either head to Main Street (though we stopped going there immediately following this one time I had too many martini’s and ended up getting stuck in a tree in front of The Wall, don’t ask), Mashpee or North Falmouth.

Being from East Falmouth, I preferred Mashpee myself because I felt less judged by the Indians (feather not dot) when I inevitably got black out and danced around like the white girl that I am. I felt like the bro at the door of the Courtyard was asking for my green card and not my license. I swear, it’s like they can tell you’re from East Falmouth. FYI – I didn’t even know half of you people existed until I got to middle school and we began to blend, and I was like “woahhh who are all of these kids with fancy clothes”


So yeah, we went to a lot of bars, tooled around with a bunch of Summer Kids and almost always woke up with either a 10 piece nuggie meal or a D19 from Hong Kong *research approved by BHayes Topless and LMoney.

I’m making it sound like all we did was drink and eat. That’s actually a pretty accurate depiction, which doesn’t sound like it’s that great but it fucking was.

Going to Club Dino’s (as we liked to call it) every Friday night for what was sure to be an epic dance party and almost always a “puking rally” in either the two stall bathroom or the parking lot – (I preferred the parking lot myself – much more room and who doesn’t like fresh air while they vomit up their bay breeze) was definitely our favorite weekend activity. During the week we were much more low key and preferred the Boat House because that was our best shot at landing a skeezy summer kid in pastel shorts who wanted to slum it for the night with a townie. He would of course find ways to throw in how much money he made a year or where his trust fund came from.

We’d all scope out the scene before we committed to one in particular. We’d wait until one of us fell in love visually and then we’d set up shop for the night.

Just kidding – we almost never actually spoke to a member of the male species unless we were fall down drunk or grew up with them. We would talk a big game but usually just danced by ourselves or sat at a table and judged quietly from afar.

So all in all, I guess what I’m saying is that Summer ’06 was so epic because it was the first and last time my best friends and I all had nothing but time to spend with each other, and now that we’re all grown up and living in different places with kids, careers and’s a lot harder to get together and black out with rando’s and cheeseburgers.

I mean shit…what’s a girl gotta do to be able to pass out face down on a stool in someone’s living room covered in cheerios?


So whattttttttt

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