Someone Left Their Fake Teeth At A Voting Booth Yesterday


CBS – A Cape Cod resident cast a vote but lost their teeth on Tuesday.

Officials in the town of Brewster said that the dentures were found in a voting booth during the municipal election.

“Anyone recognize these?” the town asked in social media posts.

Fortunately, the teeth were reunited with their owner on Tuesday night.

“The dentures have been claimed,” the town posted. “Happy ending.”

And we wonder why the Fun Police have such a foothold on Cape Cod? This is our voting demographic. Turnouts were around 20% for our elections and 8% of them left their friggin’ teeth behind. The only people voting on this peninsula are still convinced Rock and Roll music is a fad.

By the way, why would anyone take their teeth out in a voting booth? We might want to launch an investigation into the Brewster candidates. One of them might have had their grandma giving out gummies in the voting booths in trade for votes. Seriously, why else would you take out your teeth in a voting booth?

All I know is if I’m the Brewster town clerk I’m checking to see if any candidates got 100% of the male votes.

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