Someone Invented The Drinking Jacket And I’m Pissed It Wasn’t Me

drinking jacket – The makers of a hooded jacket with a range of accessories for the smart drinker, including a hidden flask pocket and a bottle-opener zipper, sought to raise $50,000 when they Kickstarted the project in November. Now, with hours to go before the funding stage is over, the Drinking Jacket has raised a whopping $456,000, more than nine times the required amount.

Touted as “the ultimate gift for any drinker,” the jacket also sports non-slip grips built right into the sleeves, a place to store your sunglasses, and a “beer koozie” pocket.

Oh god damn it! How in the hell did I not think of this? Come to think of it, how the hell did it take this long for anyone to invent this? We have Snuggies, hillbilly teeth and Sham Wows but we just got the drinking jacket?

As genius as this idea is, it’s really not quite up to par for the level of drinking we do here on Cape Cod. The Cape version would need to have more than one koozie pocket. It would need one of those Rambo style ammunition holder things to hold 30 cans right across the chest. It should also be flame retardant in case you fall into the fire and double as a personal flotation device as well.

Hey Drinking Jacket people let me know if you can make these adjustments, I know a few hundred thousand people that would buy one tomorrow.

h/t to P.T. Mads esquire for the tip

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