Solar Panels Stolen From Brewster Project – Nothing Is Safe On Cape Cod


  • Thieves struck at a landfill in Brewster, Massachusetts, fleeing form the scene with solar panels.

  • A solar project was underway at the capped site, where crews were installing 3 by 5 foot panels.

  • A total of eight panels were removed from the landfill, each equipped with a unique identification number. Each panel is expected to be tracked by the manufacturer.

Who steals solar panels? This is some Mad Max type shit. Energy is getting so valuable that people are stealing solar panels? Must be some rogue hippie gang or something right? They probably realized that they can’t afford to make their commune environmentally friendly and sustainable or something. Maybe it was those Common Ground Cafe Twelve Tribe Hippies. They’ve got some weird Matrix beliefs going on for sure. They might be stocking up for Babylon.

Whoever it was it’s just another tally for the resume of Cape Cod thieves. Crackheads will steal your TV, pillheads will steal your copper pipes, junkies will steal your purse and now we can add hippies stealing solar panels to the list? Keep an eye on your soul Cape Cod, they might be working on a way to steal that next.

P.S. Don’t sleep on the hippies, they’ll steal your face right off of your head.

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