Sin Happy Vacationists Are Overrunning Cape Cod!

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Cracked – Beginning in the ’30s and running all the way up until the 1970s, stag magazines were outlets for the frustrated masculinity of men returning from wartime only to find that their new foes were squeaky hinges and their most thrilling conquest was crabgrass. They needed excitement so badly that they didn’t care if it was vicarious or insane. And thus entered the stag mags: Their modus operandi was to commission an eye-catching painting first, and then hire a writer to pen a “true story” that synced up with the tantalizing image.

Just a little more proof that things used to be way cooler than they are now. Well, I could probably do without the flesh ripping weasels, but definitely bring back the sin happy vacationists to overrun Cape Cod!

P.S. “Can women justify their need for extra-marital relations” sounds like an interesting article as well, gotta love the olden days.

thanks to brian for the link

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