Shocker Of The Day – Underage Drinking Party Busted In Sandwich

underagedrinkers – Sandwich police Saturday night broke up an underage drinking party on Triangle Circle. According to a Sandwich Police release, officers responded to a noise complaint at 42 Triangle Circle Road in Sandwich around 11:45 p.m. Arriving officers found several cars parked in front of the home and one of the vehicle was parked in the road blockin traffic.

As officers approached the house, several youths were observed running from the rear of the home, police said. Twenty-eight minors and the adult male of the house remained behind. Many of the party-goers appeared intoxicated, according to police, and there were alcohol containers found throughout the house. The youths remaining at the house were all between 18- and 20-years-old, police said.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this was probably a graduation party right? I’m betting that the cool dad figured he’d let his kid have some people over and do a little drinking with the thought that they are going to do it somewhere so why not let them do it where he can keep an eye on them. It’s a story we hear all the time, parent with good intentions gets in trouble for giving his kid a safer option to celebrate.

First off, I am not in any way saying the police should not charge them, the cops hands are tied in this situation. They absolutely can not risk their careers over a grey area in the law. That said, is it possibly time to lower the drinking age to 18? Think about it for a minute…

18 is the age we tell kids that they become adults. It’s when we start to trust them to vote in elections that effect all of us. It is when we allow them to serve alcohol and determine when somebody should be served or not. It is the age that we allow them to pick up a weapon and fight for the freedom that allows us to have a few drinks when we want. They can die to protect our right to drink, but can’t have one themselves?

More importantly, how often and by how many people does a law need to be violated until it is changed? Shouldn’t it be that once 51% of people violate a law on a regular basis that it probably shouldn’t be a law anymore? How many 18-21 year olds drink alcohol in this country? And let’s remember that 50% of the people in that age group lie about it, so don’t comment with some study where they asked the kids in school to answer the question without anonymity.

I would guess that 80% of 18-21 year olds drink alcohol regularly. Is there any other law that such a massive percentage of the population breaks? It’s like if they made snacking between meals illegal. It would instantly make the bulk of the normal, law abiding population criminals.

I bet it would also make some people who normally don’t snack between meals start to do it. Forbidden fruit is the tastiest fruit of all.


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