The “Shark” That Shut Down Duxbury Was Actually A Sunfish

sunfish duxbury

CBS – Beaches in Marshfield were reopened after a shark sighting could not be confirmed Wednesday.

The beaches near Foster Avenue were cleared out after someone reported a fin thrashing above the water about 100 yards offshore.

The Marshfield Harbormaster tells WBZ-TV’s Jim Armstrong that he is confident the sighting off Sunrise Beach was a large sunfish and not a shark.

A boater spotted a large sunfish in the area after the beaches were evacuated.

I love the smell of Sunfish in the morning, smells like… victory.

We received quite a bit of hate mail after we pointed out the fact that Duxbury was a bunch of wusses for closing their beach for one little shark. I almost started feeling bad for them and was thinking that maybe I was being a little harsh on the poor little things. They don’t see many Great Whites and maybe I was wrong to make fun of their fear driven over reaction. As someone recovering from irrational shark fear should I have been more sympathetic to our nervous nelly neighbors to the north?

NOPE! Vindication is mine! Turns out it wasn’t even a shark. Hey Duxbury what’s next, are you gonna evacuate the whole town because of a squirrel sighting? Do you guys cancel school because of rain? Kind of embarrassing to shut down your ocean because of a fish so harmless they named little kids sailboats after it. Hey, better safe than sorry though. Have fun in your bubble while we play water polo matches against Jaws and his buddies vacationing down here on The Cape.

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