This Settles It, We Need Gates On The Bridges


Two Brockton girls steal a car and get chased to The Cape. No it’s not the start to a joke about herpes, it’s an actual headline in the news today.

SANDWICH – A vehicle allegedly stolen by two teenage girls in Brockton crashed into a sign at a Sandwich Stop & Shop this morning as State Police gave chase, spokesman David Procopio said.

At about 8:10 a.m., State Police were called about a vehicle being operated erratically on Route 3 southbound, near the Jordan Road overpass in Plymouth, police said. A trooper in the area located the vehicle, confirmed erratic operation and tried to stop the car, police said.

A shift commander at Troop D authorized the trooper to pursue the vehicle after the driver allegedly ignored an initial attempt to stop it, police said.

During the pursuit, police “learned that the suspect vehicle had been stolen earlier this morning in Brockton when the owner left it warming up with the keys inside it,” Procopio wrote in an email.

Police chased the vehicle south on Route 3, over the Sagamore Bridge and off Exit 1 where the vehicle got onto Route 6A. Once in Sandwich, the car crashed into a sign in the Stop & Shop parking lot, police said. The two teens inside the car allegedly fled on foot, but were caught by troopers who took them into custody.

No one was injured in the pursuit or crash, police said.

What are we Mexico now? A couple Brockton bitches steal a car and make a run for The Cape border like the cops will just stop at the bridge and let them live happily ever after? What’s the long term plan here? Catching the P-Town ferry to Boston?

Here’s a tip for anyone in Brockton thinking about pulling a Thelma and Louise and heading to The Cape like these two brain surgeons. If you are getting chased by the police, it is best to not head towards a dead end peninsula with only two routes on and off. It’s car chase 101 really.

Head west assholes you’ve got thousands of miles in that direction.

Big thanks to P.T.M.  for the tip

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